After having become entranced by his first psychedelic festival experience in Turkey, Psychogenesis returned home with a burning desire to bring psychedelic culture into fruition in Lebanon. This led to the creation of ‘Psyleb’, a community that has pioneered the psytrance movement in the region. Over a decade later, he is now the host for ‘Forest Frequencies’, an outdoor festival that has captured global attention and has now been running successfully since 2008.

His own music career began in India itself, the birth place of Goa Trance. After studying Audio Engineering at SAE India, he started to build a name and a following at the local party scene in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and the Mekka of Psytrance; Goa. He then moved on to bigger projects which quickly gained him international recognition. His most recent move to Montreal was marked by his partnership with Aioaska Productions and the founding of Silent Monkey; Montreal’s first and only official rental house for the sought after Funktion-One sound system!