Whether spatial – Spacey Koala – or soft – Sleepy Koala – his melodies are always remarkable. He sculpts the sounds, handles the guitar, and arranges these brilliantly tuned elements to compose his musical works. Koala strives to convey to listeners his gratitude for the universe, as he delivers his opus from the richness of the natural symphony that encircles our world.

Coming from Manouche jazz learned in his hometown of Gaspé, a pupil to the teaching of Louis Vallée, he chose soundscaping as a life project and pursued university studies in this sense. The Australian label Kinematic Records, founded by Terrafractyl aka Hypnagog aka Felix Fractal, house his rhythmic architecture.

Spatial or soft, the Koala travels on the web and around our blue planet to destinations of Australia, Mexico, United States, Panama, Canada, Quebec, and probably your ears.