Welcome to Silent Monkey

We are a collective of dedicated artists and technicians with exceptional perception for tasteful music, professional audio quality and engaging eye candy performances.

Music lacking in quality definition can never be fully appreciated, with subtle details that are lost in a sea of interference and noise. At Silent Monkey, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you’re heard loud and clear, and that music is treated as a platform that resonates within your heart, mind and soul.

In a world where quantity trumps quality, we strive to offer a new level of distinguishment that will enrich and energize your events.

Silent Monkey offers top quality resources and equipment that will set your event apart and leave a lasting memory with all those who attend! We cater to every occasion and promise to deliver an unparalleled experience in quality and professionalism. Whether you are planning a party, a wedding, a corporate event or a concert, we are here to satisfy your every need.